Thursday, April 28, 2016

Traveling with TSA Approved Sex Toys

Travel Lightly and Carry A Big Stick—Well, Not Too Big…

            Part of your vacation will definitely include hot sex.   It seems simple—just toss those toys in the suitcase and go, right?  Wrong.  Due to the increased levels of airport security, items like adult toys are viewed through the airport screening processes as well as TSA members who have the right at any time to open bags and view the contents within them.

            Yikes!  What if a TSA member wants to open your purse, and removes your dildo in public?  That can be embarrassing, for sure!  Yes, and nothing you do can remove the embarrassment, but it is important to know the following things. 
1.      Size Matters.  According to airport security, it is illegal to pack a “tool” that is larger than 7”.  Keep it small, yet effective by using personal devices that are obvious to the eye as being smaller than 7”.  You don’t want a TSA agent holding up the line by standing there measuring your dildo in front of everyone.  Also make sure your device could hurt or kill another—put the clubs away!   
2.      Unwelcomed Vibrations.  Take the batteries out when packing your adult toys—I mean, not only is the accidental turn on draining to the batteries, but also a huge source of suspicion that could draw unwelcomed attention to your adult device. 
3.      Tainted Love.  Ok, it is possible the TSA agent will have to remove your toy from your bag—make sure you took precautions to avoid tainted germs that may be on the TSA agents gloves (I mean, they touch everything) by packing your toy in a clear zip-top bag. 
4.      Pride & Joy.  Even if you feel embarrassed, show your pride.  Stand tall.  I mean, be proud you are out there getting some, and that you are awesome enough to know the best devices on the market!  IF the TSA agent tries to demean you, know your rights, and know that they are probably very sexually deprived.  Give them a wink and a lick of the lips and that will send them on their way.  If they persist in being unprofessional, you have the right to report them